The Null Point-----Blogging about Nystagmus
The Null Point.  Every person who has nystagmus knows what it is.  It is the one orientaion of the head and eyes that enables maximum vision.

The Null Point.  The eyes do not move here. When I really have to see something, I use it.  When I am stressed out I use it more because my eyes move more.

The Null Point.  Surgical intervention is designed to shorten the muscles attached to the eye in such a way that the null point is directly in front of the patient.

The Null Point.  While surgery can and does improve the visual acuity in some, for rmany, the correction of the awkward head getures is the largest gain.

The Null Point.  You wish you did not have to see things this way. 

At, we feel the same way.

And maybe you do not want or have the means to undergo surgical correction of this problem.

ProFoveate is the 21st century solution for the Null Point.  


It is not invasive like surgery.

It does not have side-effects like drugs.

Your trial, which you do in coordination with your eye doctor,  for a limitd time, is at no cost to you!

You simply have nothing to lose except:

Reduced difficulty reading in low light.  Betcha won't miss that!

Having to look at things through the corner of your eye.  Cannot say goodbye to that quickly enough.

Difficulty reading the menu at restaurants.  I am with you---won't miss it.

So where are the ProFoveate spheres?.  They are placed inconspicuously which is great.  I can get the benefits of acupressure 24 hours a day so I have the best vision someone with nystagmus can have. Years of experience and a small army of dedicated users has enable the ProFoveate Team to amass a database of position options that will work just for you-which will save you years of searching. Many medical professional possess incomplete knoiwledge about the use of acupressure in nystagmus  and/or have  never treated nystagmus.  So you could spend a lot of money trying to find the solution to a problem Dr Wruble and John have alreday solved. Don't spend a lot of money and still have no guarantees.  And you won't have access to the new tools under development by John and the team at Profoveate!

Dr. Wruble can show you the inconspicuous places to put the spheres so no one will even be able to see why your eyes are finally, so controllably, still.

Watch them watch you, foveate. 

Unless you really want to hold on to the awkward head gestures, join those who have moved on to other things and put worrying about nystagmus in the past because they adopted the smart management of nystagmus.

So you know, ProFoveate is used by people doing the most incredible and important things that you could imagine.  Be one of them.

ProFoveate  users and supporters extend from corporate board rooms to academia to the Moms and Dads who just want their kids to not have to rely on awkward head gestures and experience the best quality of  vision possible. So their daughters have the opportuniy to pass a drivers vision test.  Give her the independence she needs.

You can join all these people, but ,you must leave the old ways of thinking about  nystagmus behind.  Thoughts like"There is nothing I or anyone else can do". Just put it behind you.

 I know that you have made up your mind. ProFoveate is the right solution for you.

 Now contact the experts! You are just a click away!

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