Watch Everyone Watch You Foveate!

You can have a lot of fun with your new found foveation capabiltity.  If you have not purchased ProFoveate yet (get yours today!)  see how long you can look at the person next to you and keep them in focus.  Try as you might, after a very few seconds you will probably have to give up.  

It is really difficult.  People without nystagmus may never fully grasp the enormity of the problem.  

I can.  I have nystagmus.

One of the joys that comes with ProFoveate is being able to see those close to you and maintain eye contact.

So get an appointment with your optometrist and get them to certify your nystgamus to us here at  Then we will send the product and instructions to your optometrist.  She will help you learn how to get the amazing power of foveation that nature intended for you. After that we will send it to you directly.

Anyone thinking of job interviews and a myriad number of social situations where the ability to foveate is critical?

Everyone with Nystagmus understands.

Stress, even just talking sometimes, can make the nystagmus problem flare up.  What if you knew you could go into the job interview and not stress over how you appear, or worry over whether you can get the job given your vision situation?  Wouldn't you rather spend the intrerview explaining how great you are, what strengths you bring to the table rather than worrying about and discussing some quirk of nature that causes your eyes to move?

ProFoveate can reduce eye motion because it acts neurologically.  So you are calmer because you can foveate which makes you calmer,  can foveate and so on.

The School Year is Just Around the Corner!

School means lots of late night studying and other visually demanding tasks.  ProFoveate can make your challenges more manageable.  

 Like those times when you are trying to work with someone else on a computer and you can not be right in front of the computer. 

Where in the world is that mouse anyway?  What did she click on?  

With ProFoveate you will work with greater ease in situations like this and others.  All because you will be able to foiveate better.

So get ready for the best year visually that you can have!  A year where you can see the blackboard or the powerpoint better.  ProFoveate is taylor made for those who like the movies.  Until you have experienced seeing in movie in " ProFoveate-Surround"  you have never really enjoyed a movie.

ProFoveate.  When the studying is over, you won't be too tired. So, perhaps it will be time to look someone in the eye and invite them to dinner and the movie!

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