ProFoveate is a neuological management strategy that acts centrally in the brain to help the reader gain control over the act of reading. If you have Dyslexia, then the muscles that control eye movement as well as slow neuological processing of words and sounds hamper attempts to read.

"ProFoveate helps you win a battle, a fight that that you must win in order to read successfully,  that you have fought since your first attempts to read." .  Win over it.  In 300 milliseconds! That is the time you have to figure out that the word you see in front of you is what you think it is.

Dyslexics suffer from the fact that their eye movements cause the letters to move around on the page.  The inability to perform smooth eye movements without the frequent back and forth motion of the eye is the culprit.  "ProFoveate offers quantified correction of an eye movement disorder similar to Dyslexia"

Brainwave analysis shows that ProFoveate decreases the slow Theta brainwaves and increases Beta waves necessary for reading accurately.  ProFoveate can decrease the Theta Beta Ratio classically considered to be a marker for Dyslexia and Autism in EEG studies.
Dyslexia and Nystagmus- Why ProFoveate May Change the Future Forever for  Millions in 300 milliseconds!

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