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About John Gentry- Co-Developer of ProFoveate™

Henderson State University, Bachelor of Science, Physics 1985
Michigan State University, Master of Science,  Physics  1987
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master of Science,Medical Physics, 1995

John Gentry, MS, DABR a radiation oncology physics consultant to Gaston Memorial Hospital. Certified by the American Board of Radiology,  Gentry works with Southeastern Radiation Oncology (SERO) physicians to treat cancerous tumors with cutting edge radiotherapy solutions such as stereotactic brain radiosurgery and to maintain the hospital's investment in linear accelerators for cancer treatment. SERO is the largest group of Radiation Oncology Physicians in the Southeastern United States. In radiation oncology, the physicist insures for the physician that the prescribed dose to every cancer patient is delivered, faithfully,  through the establishment of local as well as national and international protocols.

Gentry was an Instructor of Radiation Oncology Physics for 10 years within the Department of Radiation Oncology  at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine before his work in Gastonia, NC. Gentry holds two patents in the field of Radiation Oncology for his discoveries in the use meagvoltage electron radiotherapy and high energy proton radiotherapy. Gentry is the developer of Trumpet: eIMRT , an advanced FDA approved treatment planning software used in the treatment of breast, scalp, and skin cancer. As a staff radiation oncology physicist at Gaston Memorial Hospital for over 7 years, Gentry has been proud to serve citizens of Gaston and surrounding counties

Gentry, who has had a clinical diagnosis of horizontal and vertical nystagmus for 5 decades , is the Co-developer of ProFoveate™.

"Now is the time to see clearly.  ProFoveate™ helps me to do what I must do everyday, faster.  Put this FDA registered methodology to work today and foveate better than ever. I do.  This is not too good to be true.  I am alive and foveating right here in Gastonia, NC.   Optometrists who have treated me here in Gastonia are Drs. Rachael Wruble, OD, FAAO and Ann Hoscheit, OD, FAAO.  And fellow staff and physicians with whom I am fortunate to work each day can attest to the truth of ProFoveate™   I am fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to work collaboratively with so many medical professionals through the years. They have surely played a role in one way or another in this discovery that changes the landscape for the treatment of congenital nystagmus, forever! Finally, I have vision good enough to drive."

"Nystagmus takes away your independence. ProFoveate™ gives it back to you. There are lots of little things, too, that ProFoveate™ gives you. The ability to see the menu above the cash registers when you eat out without difficulty, greater ease in social situations and casual conversations because you are able to focus and foveate on the face of family members or co-workers. It is such a joy, finally,  to have my null point directly in front of my face." 

​Gentry-Previous Patents Awarded in Radiation Oncology 

Treatment planning tool for multi-energy electron beam radiotherapy 
A treatment planning tool for use with a standard electron beam radiation therapy machine producing a spatially unmodulated electron beam at one of a predetermined set of electron energies, the treatment planning tool comprising a program embodied in a computer readable medium, the program executing on a computer to: (a) accept a dose description that is unrealizable with electrons of a single energy passing through a given bolus, the dose description indicating a desired dose as a function of depth along a central axis of the electron beam; (b) determine a combination of sequential electron energy exposures using the electron beam radiation therapy machine, each exposure employing an electron beam with a different depth-dose profile so that the combination of sequential electron energy exposures satisfies the dose description; and (c) output data for implementing each sequential exposure on the electron beam radiation therapy machine. 
United States Patent Granted 2007  USPTO 7,202,486

Treatment Planning Tool for Heavy Ion Therapy
 A dose calculator for heavy-ion therapy systems uses a limited number of spread out Bragg peak models obtainable by a particular therapy system, the models which may be adjusted in energy (offset) and dose contribution (treatment time) to produce a unique composite dose having a complex dose profile with limited reduced time. 
 United States Patent  Granted 2011  USPTO 8,030,627


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1999 Gentry, J. R. Stitt, J.A., Steeves, R., Paliwal, B. Hartje,S., Mehta, M. Use of Digital Technology Improves Clinical Documentation and Decreases Costs in Radiation Oncology.  Journal of Oncology Management, March /April 1999 pp. 10-13.

1996 Gentry, J.R. and DeWerd, L.A., TLD Measurements of In-Vivo
Mammographic Exposures and the Calculated Mean Glandular Dose across the United States ,Medical Physics, Vol 23 (6), 899-903, 1996

"I have had Nystagmus all my life. I know what it means to have to study long hours and work long hours, and its impact on my eye movement. ProFoveate™  can change how well you see and how you live."   John Gentry
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