ProFoveate™ is a management approach comprised, in part, of non-magnetic,1mm steel spheres placed strategically about the face and a set of exercises designed to support improved vision for patients with Nystagmus.

ProFoveate Safety
ProFoveate™ is a medical device as defined by FDA regulations. Like all other medical devices, reasonable care and proper adherence to labeling should be exercised for best results. The device must not be placed on broken skin or ingested in any manner.  

ProFoveate™ is a prescription product and should be purchased and used under the advisement of a  licensed medical professional.

ProFoveate™ has more than 4 cumulative years or 17,520 hours of testing behind it in people who desire to manage their Nystagmus and improve their sight. 

The  ProFoveate™ Spheres have even been worn while the users were asleep. To date, no adverse effects have been reported.
"ProFoveate™ achieves in the treatment of Nystagmus what is achieved through either surgical or pharmaceutical means. Its action is neurological. I recommended the use of the  ProFoveate™ Spheres to my brothers and their physicians to consider only after I, under the supervision of Dr.Wruble, had tested this therapeutic method on myself, day and night, for a period of 3 months to assure its safety. Now, we all rely on this system and recommend it."-John Gentry
ProFoveate™. A Breakthrough in Foveation!

How much testing of ProFoveate(TM) has been done?
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