Nystagmus is more than just the uncontrollable movement of the eyes.

This website is more than just additional information about Nystagmus.

 If you struggle with this disorder, or have a friend or loved one who does, take advantage of ProFoveate™,  non-surgical technology, that has provided the visual acuity often sought through surgery (patents pending US 61/577,381 and  US 61/598,720). Using the Diopsys Neuro-Optic Vision Assessment (NOVA) device, a direct assessment of the effect of ProFoveate™ on the entire vision system in congenital nystagmus  has shown positive neurological improvements in the function.  These neurological improvements demonstrated by changes in the size of the visually evoked potentials(VEP) developed in the brain have coincided with improved,  and, sustained visual acuity.

Welcome to profoveate.com, the 21st century non-surgical, non-drug therapy approach to controlling Nystagmus where it begins, in your own neurology. For any of a host of other neurological conditions that can result in Nystagmus, ProFoveate™ has shown the ability to minimize and/or arrest involuntary eye movement. Building on the work of Louis Dell'Osso and others who have reported on the eye arresting properties of brief cutaneous stimulation of the  face, ProFoveate™ now provides a complete treatment system of simple body exercises paired with continuous cutaneous stimulation from 1 mm diameter steel spheres, all aimed at delaying ocular movements to improve foveal fixation.

Because of its approach, ProFoveate™ addresses the neurological basis for Nystagmus. Eye surgery involves shortening of the muscles that control the eye in order to improve vision, but, does not control the incessant messages that cause the muscles to move the eye.  By arresting eye movement, non-invasively, direct assessment of your best corrected visual acuity under everyday stressful conditions, without the need for predictive equations, is possible. Prior to this, expensive testing performed only in a few centers around the country was the only way to determine what the outcome of surgery might be for a surgical candidate. Now, your eye physician can apply ProFoveate™ in the office giving you immediate professional feedback wherever you live.  If your problem is Nystagmus only, simply wear ProFoveate™out of the office with your regular glasses and experience your new life. 

If you have Strabismus and Nystagmus, this product can still play a crucial role in reducing the Nystgamus that will still exist after surgery.

Co-Developers John R. Gentry, BS,MS,DABR (an American Board of Radiology certified Medical Physicist who has Nystagmus) and Dr. Rachael Wruble, OD,FAAO, a Board certified optometrist and residency-trained in low vision, unveil ProFoveate™, their revolutionary yet practical approach for controlling eye motion in Nystagmus. ProFoveate™ is a medical device as defined by FDA regulations used everyday to manage Nystagmus.

ProFoveate:A Breakthrough in Foveation!
Eyewitness Testimonial Evidence About the Effectiveness of ProFoveate™
"Dr. Doline, MD and I have worked with John Gentry for over 7 years here at the CaroMont Cancer Care Center. We are well acquainted with the main characteristic of Nystagmus, involuntary eye movement.

John asked us to speak on his behalf with regard to the effectiveness of ProFoveate™.  

We can attest as physicians, that the technique that Dr. Wruble, OD, FAAO and John Gentry have developed has led to a dramatic reduction in John's eye movement." 

Dr. Charles Meakin, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Medical Director
CaroMont Cancer Center
Dr. Robert Doline, MD
Radiation Oncologist
ProFoveate™.  With steady eyes,you may gaze as long as you wish.
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The decision you have to make about nystagmus and ProFoveate is simple. It is whether you should decide to trust Gentry, an American Board of Radiology certified medical physicist who has nystagmus.

Certification by the American Board of Radiology means that even though you have never met John,  you can rely on the fact that he is trustworthy.  For eighteen years, he has assisted physicians in delivering the most complicated of treatments, 10 of which were at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Physicians rely on him so you can too.

And, consider this.  If ProFoveate did not work, why would a practicing physicist who has nystagmus, waste his time,  and reputation, talking about it?  

If anything about this was untrue, it would be too easy to disprove.

Just as important, Dr Wruble is a practicing optometrist and a Fellow of the American Association of Optometrists (FAAO).

 Who could know more about nystagmus than these guys?  Who cares more than these guys is also a good question.  Plus, you get to try this technique with the assistance and guidance of your personal eye doctor for a limited time at no cost.  See if it is right for you or someone you love.

So your  choices are  do nothing, have surgery, use the pharmaceuticals route, and /or ProFoveate.  

That is right,  Dr. Wruble works with people who have had the eye surgery to further reduce eye movement.

Those are your choices.  I think you know which way I am leaning.  

ProFoveate.  It is a Straight Forward Decision

Available through your doctor's prescription, get ProFoveate™ and get on wth life! Schedule an appointment at Summit Eye Associates of Gastonia, NC if you live close! 704-865-3937